Sea . Feather . Stone



SFS born in a Mongolian Yurt in California.

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It's not often you and your best friend both find yourselves in need of a new home at the exact same time a truly unique living situation presents itself. Almost overnight, two traditional Mongolian yurts situated against 1,200 acres of national forest, became our new home as well as the birthplace of Sea Feather Stone. This month it was featured in San Francisco Magazine! This unique sanctuary in the woods which served as an inspiration to so many was a true labor of love. We brought the ocean to the forest with our sea shells and driftwood sculptures and adorned both the surrounding trees and yurts with treasures collected from the far corners of the earth. It was a fitting place for the creation of SFS, filled with photography, culture, spirituality, and the adoration of so many free-thinking individuals and artists who would attend our musical gatherings under the stars. Our home was often described as pure magic, and I always loved hearing people say they felt they were in some exotic foreign land. This was exactly the point, to create a truly unique home colored by our dreams and aspirations, with its own set of rules and priorities. The article proved to appear at a very serendipitous time as this will be the first moth we spend away from what was referred to as "yurtland". Alas, even glamping in the woods is not immune to the rental inflation currently afflicting the Bay Area. With sadness, we bid our beloved yurts adieu. More adventures and opportunities for creating magic await us!

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We are grateful for photographer Marc Olivier Le Blanc's and SF Mag's interest in our home and are happy he chose to come shoot with us! Check out his blog on the yurts here.